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Mic McCreadie: acoustic guitars and vocals.

Adrian O’Reilly: acoustic guitars.

Dick Reynolds: keyboards, acoustic bass guitar and vocals.

This group, an acoustic trio, also came about by accident, evolving in a long, complex convoluted manner, from a series of meetings between Sue Visick, Adrian O’Reilly and myself.

With my busy cabaret career I’d been away from folk music for a long time but working with the Denis Clixby Recordings Archive and listening to all the music from that invaluable resource I began to hanker for a return to the simplicity of acoustic performance. I’d had a brief liaison with Sue and Phil Whitfeld during the Revival 2000 Grand Sessions performing as S.P.A.M. (Sue, Phil and Mic.) but this petered out as the sessions gradually finished. One night after a dinner date at Sue’s place Adrian and I ‘sang for our supper’ and I was just blown away by his playing, and this just off the cuff so to speak! So we three began to meet and to run through possibilities with the aim of doing some folk club gigs and maybe some pub work too. There was no real direction however and when Sue became too busy in her many other musical projects, Adrian and I continued to meet to chat and play, just for fun mostly. When there became a need for a musical tribute to Niall Timmins following his tragic and all too sudden passing in 2012 it was to Adrian I went. He and I quickly recorded and filmed a hasty arrangement of ‘The Parting Glass’ (see my YouTube page) and consequently were asked to perform at the Niall Timmins ‘Straight To The Wake’ Charity Benefit Concert held in November of 2012 at The Old Cattle Market, Helston. We played this gig with great fiddle accompaniment courtesy of Alan Cooper, who travelled down from Brecon in Wales to take part! Our set is at the gig is also available to view on my YouTube page.

Rehearsals for this gig, made Adrian and I realise how much potential we had between us and so Adrian and I kept up with our weekly meetings. Then, when I met up with Dick Reynolds again after a ‘long-time-no-see’ I brought Adrian with me on one of my visits and we three soon saw there was a lot of common ground amongst us and a genuine desire to be performing together. So we formed Bisquitry taking our name from the fact that each host had to provide a selection of biscuits for each rehearsal held in their house. Our outings so far have been at Beer Festivals and pubs and we’re still available for engagements! For bookings please use the ‘Contact Me’ facility on the Home Page.Bisquitry