The Biffos

The Biffos.

This band, whose name was adopted and adapted from my then local refuse collection service i.e. ‘Biffa’, sprang into existence from the Revival 2000 Grand Sessions. In the months that I was organising these sessions I began to believe that a market could be created for a ‘good time’ skiffle type band. Some of the contributors to the Revival 2000 Grand Sessions had surprised me with their repertoire selections. These people I knew, or thought I knew, to be die-hard ‘traddies’, (traditional singers and musicians) like Chris Ridley, had popped up with amazing versions of pop songs, ‘Dah-Doo-Ron-Ron’ – ‘The Last Time’ – ‘I Hear You Knockin’ – ‘Somebody Slap Me!’

“Anything goes” was the watchword in our all inclusive, eclectic sessions.

The BiffosThe Biffos

I asked Larry Law and Malcolm James to help me and gave us all Stage Names: I was ‘Silly Biffo’ for obvious reasons. Larry was ‘Growlie Biffo’ because of his deep rich voice, and Malcolm was ‘Shy Biffo’, because he was a bit shy! Stands to reason – right?

So it was quite clear – right at the start -we’d not be a serious musical group – not by any means!

We gathered together a fair old repertoire choosing material from the likes of the great pioneer, Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Duncan – and all the old skiffle players and rehearsed our socks off until we knew them all by heart.

The BiffosGigs soon followed, in pubs by and large, and we had a ball, jazzing up the various venues with our bright and happy, well known sing-a-long songs. We only lasted a few months through a beautiful summer but we had a great time while we did!

There may even be a few recordings of this group – I’ll have a look in the archives and let you know.

Below is one of our unique publicity posters!

The Biffos