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Grahame Hood. Author of, Empty Pocket Blues: The Life and Music of Clive Palmer

Produced by Mic McCreadie with material taken from recordings made informally at Pipers Folk Club by Denis Clixby, a regular attendee, who recorded pretty well every performance in all its different locations over the years. I am listening to the CD as I type this, and it is very enjoyable. It consists of 20 tracks which date from between 1975 and 1985. The CD has sleeve notes from Billy Connolly, Mike Heron, Ralph McTell, John Bidwell and Mick Bennett. I have never heard any of the recordings before but have heard some of the tracks in other versions. The CD is very good indeed.

Billy Connolly. Comedian, Musician & Composer. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. These songs and tunes have become the background music to my life, I feel sure they will become as important, and comfortable, to you.

Malcolm Pinch. Musician & Composer. 

Thanks for a fantastic concert last night! Enjoying the  “Clive – Live” CD this morning.

Colin Smith. Musician & Composer.  

I really enjoyed the CD too – well done Mic for all the research and skill in getting a good sound from Denis’s old reel to reel tapes.

Stephen Hunt. Writer, Musician & Composer. 

Listening to the “Clive – Live” CD this morning. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

Tony Corden. Musician & Composer.  

Absolutely love the CD. Been playing it non stop. A truly fascinating document.

Ben Kingsbury. Former Radio presenter who broadcast a Clive Palmer ‘special’ on BBC Radio Cambridge in 2014. 

I am pleased to say that the CD was waiting for me when I got in! It looks fantastic and I look forward to listening to it later today. What a fantastic thing, I am so glad that it exists. You have done such a fantastic job.

 Colin Bodiam. 

Brilliant, atmospheric – and energetic – recordings given the circumstances, a nice listen!

John Bidwell. (Ex-Stockroom Five, C.O.B.)  

Clive’s version of “The Cuckoo” is really interesting. I had an LP of Kodaly’s “Hary Janos Suite” and “Dances of Galanta”, which was so hauntingly beautiful, that between us we played it almost to extinction, through one summer at the Sawmills. I remember him having the idea of singing “Cuckoo” to the tune of a melody in the “Peacock Variations” from that record. It works beautifully doesn’t it? I’ve never been able to find a copy of the specific record, which was vastly superior to any others I have heard. If anyone knows of a copy of Kodaly’s “Hary Janos Suite” and “Dances of Galanta”, played by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Georg Solti, I’m interested! But, once again, what a sublime fusion Clive dreamed up there!

A Whole-In-One Production.

LEASE NOTE: The musical content of this audio CD has been salvaged from vintage recordings made on non-professional recorders. Although it has been cleaned, processed and digitised as far as is possible, there will be some extraneous noise and slight distortions on some tracks. It is however a very rare, historical and valuable archive of Clive’s live performances.












A Brief History Of The “Clive – Live” CD.

Denis Clixby, a St. Ives hotelier and avid Folk Music enthusiast, was a regular attendee at Pipers Folk Club from its glory days with Brenda Wootton and John the Fish in Penzance through its many and varied locations until its dying days. Denis recorded each and every club session he attended, and in doing so documented all the performances that took place, including visiting Guest Artistes, (the list of ‘names’ is staggering!) itinerant singers, and the Club’s Resident Singers. Thus it was that a comprehensive recordings archive was brought into being. Sadly Denis died in 1999 and I, eventually, took on the stewardship of the Denis Clixby Recordings Archive. I quickly realised that it was a veritable treasure trove! When I discovered the amount of material Denis had collected featuring Incredible String Band founder member Clive Palmer, with whom I’d shared a friendship since 1972, I at once began a salvage on this aspect of the Archive and took the salvaged material to Clive who was delighted to hear it, remarking how ‘strong’ his performances were and that he’d love to have it made into an album release. Sadly Clive passed away before this could become a reality but, with the unstinting and invaluable assistance of Ralph McTell, I’m very pleased to say that Clive’s wishes have been brought to life in the production of this audio CD.

Clive had sent his old pal Ralph a copy of the rough master disc I’d produced and Ralph had me provide a copy for Clive’s old friend Billy Connolly. Billy was also very impressed and so a project was planned for Ralph and I to get the CD into production but, with his professional commitments and incredible work load, it was soon clear the CD would never be ready in time to be launched at the Clive Palmer Memorial Concert I was to stage on November 29th 2015. So I took on the whole project, seeing to all aspects of its publication  i.e. re-mastering, financing, art work, & distribution etc. With sleeve notes by admirers such as Billy Connolly, Ralph McTell, Mike Heron, John Bidwell, and Mick Bennett it is a professionally replicated and packaged, numbered, limited release product – 500 copies only!.

Mic McCreadie. December 10th 2015.


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