Folk Songs: “Live” at The Grill CD. Mic McCreadie


Recorded from a performance at The Grill Folk Club, Redruth in April 1995

By: Sound Logic Studios, Camborne Cornwall.

Produced : Mic McCreadie

Sound Engineer: Malcolm James

Edited & Re-mastered: February 2017

A Whole-In-One Production.



Track Listings:

  1. Derby O’Leary.
  2. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle.
  3. Bridget Hogan.
  4. Leezie Lindsay.
  5. Dicey Riley.
  6. Peggy Gordon.
  7. Matt Hyland.
  8. The Banks Of The Roses.
  9. The Lakes Of Ponchartrain.
  10. The Mountains Of Mourne.
  11. The Curragh Of Kildare.
  12. Step It Out Mary.
  13. The Gallant Forty Twa.
  14. The Glencoe Massacre.
  15. Crazy Man Michael.
  16. The Trees They Do Grow High.



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