“It’s Good To See You”. The Alistair “Larry” Law Charity Benefit Memorial DVD.


Larry’s parents and close family were in attendance as were many of his good friends, some of whom had made extreme efforts in travelling from as far afield as Yorkshire, London, Glasgow, Plymouth and beyond, because Larry, with all his many acts of kind generosity, was held in such high regard by all. A collection taken on the night was added to the monies collected at Larry’s funeral bringing the total to a little over £1,000.00! This money was presented to the R.N.L.I. by Larry’s parents.

Produced by Mic McCreadie.

A Whole-In-One Production.


The Larry Law Charity Benefit Memorial Concert was staged on Sunday, 23rd November 2014 at The Lowenac Hotel Camborne. It was a beautiful night. We had oodles of good musicians who gathered to pay respect to a man who had, at some point in their respective lives, touched their hearts.

The music was fine, light for the most part but tinged with sad memories here and there. It was a night of joyful celebration and happiness, opening with Allan Taylor’s fine song: ‘Its Good To See You’ sung by Mic McCreadie ably assisted by the gathered ensemble, and also some spurious contributions from the fire alarm! This song was then followed by musical contributions from John & Marion Heath, Terry Broad, Sounds Eclectic – (Sue & Rob), Thorn & Roses, Denise & Terry, Matt Exelby, Bisquitry – (Mic, Adrian O’Reilly & Dick Reynolds), Old Guys Boogie – (Billy Mac and Ian Ford), Hogwash – (Andy & Chris)  Andy Sugden, Chris Maskell & Pete Condor (ex-Slipknot) and a fine ensemble finale was led by John The Fish who then brought Bisquitry back on stage to close the Concert with the Bob Dylan song, ‘Forever Young’.


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