Revival 2000 – Grand Session Series CD – Feb 2000. Vol #01


Recorded by Sound Logic Studios at The St. Michael’s Mount Inn, Barripper, Camborne Cornwall. February 2000.

Part of the Revival 2000 Grand Session Series.

Sound Engineer: Malcolm James.

Re-Mastered by: Mic McCreadie. June 2015.

All Rights Reserved.

A Whole-In-One Production.


Track Listings:

  1. The San Francisco Bay Blues.  Mic & Larry.
  2. One More Whisky.  Mic & Larry.
  3. Irish Molly. (Trad.) Jaryon.
  4. Jaryon (Jaryon) Jaryon.
  5. Working On The Railway. (Trad.) Safari Brothers.
  6. Her Father Didn’t Like Me …  Safari Brothers.
  7. Newlyn. (H. Glasson.) Safari Brothers.
  8. Take This Hammer. (Trad.) Safari Brothers.
  9. The Blackleg Miner. (Trad.) Jenny Black.
  10. Paddy Lay Back. (Trad.) Jenny Black.
  11. Speed of The Sound Of Loneliness. Mic & Larry.
  12. Probably Always Will. Mic & Larry.
  13. The Smuggler. (Trad.) Jaryon.
  14. John O’ Dreams.  Jaryon.
  15. From Clare To Here.  Jaryon.
  16. The Fields Of Athenry.  Jaryon.
  17. The Waterloo Polka. (Trad.) Cunning Old Celts.
  18. The Sweets of Mayo. (Trad.) Cunning Old Celts.
  19. Feudin’ and a-Fightin’. (Trad.) Cunning Old Celts.
  20. Bill Bailey. Cunning Old Celts.
  21. The Walk Of Life. (Knopfler.) Cunning Old Celts.



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