Roger Brooks. “Live” at Pipers Folk Club, circa 1979-80


The brand new 2020 Audio CD release from Whole-In-One Productions. Featuring Roger’s live performances at Pipers Folk Club circa 1979-80.

Salvaged, cleaned and processed by his old pal Mic McCreadie at Sound Logic Studios in Camborne, Cornwall  this 40 year old and extremely rare recording gives an audible insight into Roger’s brilliant writing talents and guitar playing which he  employs here with impressive dexterity and skill.

With its 18 great tracks plus its 6 page full colour sleeve insert with photos and tributes, enhanced by Roger’s legendary charismatic stage presence, his open & amiable presentation – this is a delicious slice of U.K. Folk History in one neat, complete package.




Steve Tilston:

Roger and I met at Leicester University. He was very influenced by Bert Jansch, Roy Harper and dare I say, myself and in the early days would learn a lot of my pieces very soon after I’d written them. He was always a very funny bloke, but if you told him anything in confidence it would be all around the stews and flesh pots of polite folk singing society. The last time I saw him was in St. Ives, he was on fine form that night and this has made me realise I really miss seeing him. He was a real character and he was taken far too young.


Robert Kirkpatrick:

A lovely performer…


Richard Digance:

I spent many’s a Sunday back in the day with Roger and but I have nothing but happy memories of a songwriter who had so much to offer to our friendly scene.’


Alan Whittle:

His guitar playing was the business – bristling with bold inventive chord inversions; and the songs…. they spoke of a life not lived at a superficial level, but rather at an altitude of emotional and perceptive intensity, that few of us could commit to.  And yet Roger did.  Flamboyantly, willingly and joyously.  The titles say it all: “In The Diamond Rain” _ “Street Riot” – “Wild Bird Flying Through A Cold Black Night”.  They are like flowers gathered from the very top of the mountain.



Roger was a brilliant singer, songwriter & guitarist. It seemed so sad that his work was getting forgotten, so I decided to learn all of his songs and arrangements. 


Tim Bates

 I saw Roger play at a pub in Portswood, Southampton sometime between 1983 and 1985, and thought that he was truly first rate. I remembered some of the lyrics to “street riot” today (almost 30 years later) I only had the pleasure of hearing him once, but he made a lasting impression. I wish I had seen him more often. Thank you Roger for your music.


Toni Carver – The St Ives Times & Echo – 20th March 1998.

In the old days the musicians that brought the standard of the common folk up a bit were wandering troubadours. Every community could claim them as their own, but no one ever owned them. Such a modern equivalent is Roger Brooks who breezed through town last week. Some people can live in St Ives and never belong, Roger seem always to have been a part of the St Ives scene; somewhere in the past he got looped into the golden thread and when he rotates back to our world he never fails to bring back a particular quality and joy we always associate with him. Roger has always had the knack of involving his audience.



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