The Folk Cottage at Mitchell Reunion 2015 DVD


An NTSC Format version of this DVD suitable for DVD Players in the U.S.A. is available. Please contact me at for additional information on postal charges for mailings to Europe and the USA.

Produced by Mic McCreadie.

A Whole-In-One Production.




Featuring performances from luminaries such as: John The Fish, Ralph McTell, Wizz Jones, Pete Berryman, Mick Bennett, Jonathon Xavier Coudrille, John P. Wood, Dave Deighton, The 4/5ths Jug Band, Jake Walton, Joe and Diana Partridge, Thorn & Roses, Bisquitry, (Mic McCreadie, Adrian O’Reilly and Dick Reynolds) and Stephen Hunt.

The Reunion Concert came to fruition on the afternoon of Monday 31st August 2015 and it was, without a shadow of doubt, a huge success.


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