“The Mermaid Tapes” CD – Mic McCreadie & Larry Law.


Recorded during a performance in January 2001 at The Mermaid Inn, Porth, Newquay, Cornwall. With additional musical accompaniment for a much fuller sound.

Engineered & Produced: Mic McCreadie. Sound Logic Studios, Camborne, Cornwall.

Guitars & Vocals: Mic McCreadie & Larry Law. Bass: Eric McDeamic. Drums: Dicc Creamiem. Mandolin & Bouzouki: Marcie Diccem. Banjo: Emma Cridicc.

Digitally Re-mastered, Edited and Processed: February 2012.

Re-edited: 20.02.2017.


A Whole-In-One Production.


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Please Note:- Some of the tracks on this CD may appear in different versions on other “Mic & Larry” CDs.

Track Listings: 

  1. It’s Good To See You.
  2. The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness.
  3. Abilene.
  4. Probably Always Will.
  5. The Midnight Special.
  6. The San Francisco Bay Blues.
  7. High Heeled Sneakers.
  8. Meet Me On The Corner.
  9. Long May You Run.
  10. One More Whiskey.
  11. Looking For A Love.
  12. Is Your Love In Vain?
  13. Teach Your Children.
  14. I’ve Just Seen A Face.
  15. We Can Work It Out.
  16. Leaving Louisiana.
  17. Darkness In The Valley.


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