Tony Capstick – Live at Pipers Folk CLub – Volume #01



The first volume of a set of three CDs sold singly at £10.00 each
As a pair for £17.50 or
All three for £22.00.

Track listing

  1. Intro:
  2. The Dolphin.
  3. Red Wine & Promises.                                   L. Waterson. 
  4. The Punch & Judy Man.                                   J. Connolly. 
  5. The Captains Of The Waterways.      J. Raven.
  6. Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway. G. Rafferty.
  7. Arthur McBride & The Sergeant.
  8. Rambling Royal.
  9. McCafferty’s Lament.
  10. Three Day Millionaire. M. Waterson.
  11. Casey’s Last Ride. K. Kristofferson.
  12. My Only Friend. P. Berryman.
  13. Daft Song Medley.
  14. Thomas O’ Winesbury.
  15. Liberated Ladies. (Explicit Content!) S. Silverstein.



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