Whole-In-One Productions.

A short history.

As my Sound Logic Studios developed I added a video production arm and began to make films. To date I have also produced several M.P.E.G. 4 Music Videos of myself and others which can be viewed on my YouTube page: Mic McCreadie.

I gained film making experience when I was employed by P.H.A.B. – the Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied Charity for whom I produced a full length film in 1980/1. Here I was using real 16mm film stock and on this project I learned the subtlety and skills required for the physical process of literally cutting and pasting film, recording and dubbing audio for soundtracks and was kindly given, free of charge, use of The Video Editing Suite facilities at Cornwall College, Camborne for this project.

Now fully equipped with 4 HD Video Camcorders and all associated support equipment I am currently engaged in filming new projects which will, in time, become available through this website. All currently available items are listed on the Products Page. The most recent films were filmed, edited and produced in the digital domain.

Other full length DVDs are in production and details of these will follow as the projects develop.

Whole-In-One Products.

Five major events have been organised and staged by Whole-In-One Productions in the last few years and four full length professionally produced DVDs of these have been produced whilst the most recent is still in production awaiting publishing. These items are available for sale from the Products Tab on the Home Page.

Several Whole-In-One Productions audio CD products are also available for purchase from via the Products Tab on the Home Page.





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